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kh_phantas's Journal

Phantasmagoria: A Kingdom Hearts Multifandom AU RP
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Organization Thirteen’s newest experiment has not gone as they expected. Using the computer and studies left behind by Ansem the Wise, Xemnas tried to bring together strong hearts from worlds spread far and wide in an effort to create the ultimate heart for himself and become ‘all powerful’. That was what was intended; what happened was a little different.

Now the data from the worlds have collided and fused to make the illusionary world of Phantasmagoria. Places that existed somewhere else retained their former names but not necessarily their former appearance or their former destinies for that matter… Instead of bringing together lots of strong hearts, the organization has brought together worlds. Things not going as planned aside, that did not stop the organization. In fact, now they had a cage in which to place their unsuspecting ‘lab rats’. New people appear every day with no clue or memory to how they got here. Each new specimen is brought to the world via Organization member.

Xemnas now has his Organization members on the search. In every city excluding the city he himself controls, are placed two members of Organization Thirteen. They will study the people brought into this newly created world until they find that vessel that contains their true heart and thus be whole again. (Or so they are led to believe…)

The Rules

1. You must be at least 15 years of age to apply for this game.
2. No God-moding. You will get One warning for god-moding.
3. Proper spelling and grammar is required. Example: Proper capitalization, proper punctuation, ect.
4.OOC drama is not allowed. You are not your character, your character is not you.
5. There is SIX character limit. NPCs played by the mods are not part of the character limit unless stated other wise.
6. All characters actions and personalities must stay true to CANON. You will receive TWO warnings for OOC behavior. If you fail to do this after the second warning you will be stripped of your character.
7. Fighting with a mods will get a pernement band.
8. We are a Slash friendly community. However, as stated about OOC, it is not tolerated very well. Sorry, but there are just some characters that we cannot see bending over for buttsecks from one another. Also OOC het couples will get the same warnings. This does not mean you don't have the right to pair up who you want, but pairing up people for the sake of pairing up and smut kills games. You just have to make it believable.
9. NC-17 posts are allowed. They must all be friends locked. All plots concerning Rape, Gruesome violence, and pregnancy must first be discussed with the mods before taking place.
10. AOL Instant Messenger is Required. Logging will take place over AIM and LJ Threads.
11. You MUST be active. A post must be made at least ONCE a week! . The game will be Three Real Life Days = One Game day.
12.Players are allowed a maximum of a one month hiatus. The game has a high demand for activity and characters on hiatus hold back the game more drastically than people think. If you think that you're going to be gone from the game for more than a month, DROP your characters. If you don't they will be stripped from them and you will have to reapply for the character. If there is something dire in your life where you absolutely HAVE to take off more than a month. You're in the hospital, death of a member, contemplating suicide, you will have to get special permission from the the Head Mods, aka Addy and Claire.

The Application

Before applying please make sure to look over the list of Taken Characters.


After being accepted, please utilize the Friends Console.

The Locations

As of so far, there are 7 cities.


For an extended summary of each city, please click here.

The Communities
Phantasmagoria Logs// phantas_logs
Phantasmagoria OOC// phantas_ooc

Purgatorium // apurgatorium
Fractured Future: // fracturedfuture
Never Safe// On Insane Journal

The Mods

AIM: Not So Cursed

AIM: artsy scribbles

AIM: Olimoley
AIM: CerberusRevolver

Aim: arxilius

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